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Man on the moon : Farewell Neil Armstrong

I have always been fascinated with our accomplishments in space exploration.  When I first watched video of footage from the moon,  my imagination went wild with the possibilities.   Anything could have happened when we were attempting to land on the moon.    Makes me contemplate how perhaps we are only limited to what we can do by self imposed mental limitations.

In grade school,  I remember when I use to simulate the cap of my pencil as being a space shuttle…..and the pen as the docking station.   I found it comforting to daydream.  Hats off to Neil Armstrong for having the courage to journey to the moon.   You will forever be in our hearts and minds.

Review: Serj Tankian’s “Harikari”

Just when I become bored with listening to my audio archives of classics comes Serj Tankian to make my head spin with meaning.   Serj has a killer and unique voice I have always loved.   What makes his material fantastic is his willingness to step outside safe boundaries and offer up points for people to ponder as we all collectively rape this planet, disregard people like trash and focus our religions to divide rather than unite.

I was repulsed when Madonna’s new video depicting her riding in a limo, exhausted from being famous,  retreats into her ego world where very few people could actually relate.   I asked myself….is this suppose to move me?    Fuck no.   Serj Tankian’s new release sure does !

Sent from my Windows 8 laptop

I must admit that the Metro UI is growing on me.  At first I was shocked….then I calmed down and was able to orient myself to most of the changes.   Navigating around using touch is cool.   I like the fact one no longer has to close programs…but I presume the day will dawn upon us again where kernel memory is low due to computer workload.

Reading from Metro applications is fantastic.   I like being able to scroll horizontally using touch – There is a lot of potential with this UI, especially when it comes to devices such as the Kinect.   You know in all of those old B Science Fiction movies where they only imagined being able to communicate over wires to someone a couple of thousand miles away…..or using gestures to interact with your computer displays……pinching and pulling apart visual models of space, an operating room or a simulated hostage crisis virtual reality chamber….

Reminds me of one of my favorite books I bought probably 20 years ago titled “The Invisible Computer.”   Computers take up space…the monitors are unnatural to gaze into;  typing causes repetitive stress issues….I say its time to only use voice and touch to rid ourselves of such a clunky after thought.   We tend to tolerate until we cannot tolerate anymore.

Bombarded by advertisers; are we fish lured by the bait?

Remember when TiVO offered consumers a way to bypass commercials?   Looks as if the online ability to remove advertisements is becoming more difficult as we “get use” to using services such as YouTube and other various online mags that pop up ads in which the close or X isnt intuitively visible to the user until they look…otherwise they are forced to watch more garbage for the brain.

No matter where you go…you are targeted by advertisers looking to hone in on your interests and lifestyle tastes.    Imagine if there were more depth information availible online such as a person’s insecurities, self image issues,   desire to be younger, etc?   I think looking younger and the pursuit we often see celebrities pitch on late night infomericials is a pursuit in ego.    Reality is,  we all grow old and why not embrace it?   Rather than look like a “hot chick with big fake boobs and a down symdrome look.”   Big lips and big boobs seem to be the clencher for straight men looking for hot California babes.    So much for intellectual pursuits.

As you can see from the sample above. too much plastic surgery usually leads to looking like a person who has been injected with too much filler and not enough substance.

One of the most memorable scenes from the Movie “Hair”

I remember watching the movie version of “Hair” when I was @ 13.   This clip always made me cry because its such a powerful song with visuals to magify the intensity 500 times more.     Excellet cast of vocals through out the movie and excellent backup band.

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